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Olivia McKayla Ross is a 18 year old multimedia artist and programmer from Queens, New York City. A recent high school graduate, she is spending her gap year making and exploring ideas in new media art. Current research interests include the cyber-aesthetics of Blackness/Black womanhood, surveillance, bitch mutants and distributed networks. Contact her at oliviamckaylaross at gmail dot com.


POWRPLNT, NYC - Interactive Art on the Net

WYFY School by BUFU, NYC - Drafting Cyberfeminism(s) For The People


SXSW 2019, Austin - Behind the Click: Securing the Future for Black Women and Girls in Tech

Tech Inclusion NYC 2017 - Driving an Inclusive Future for Gen Z

CNBC's On The Money - Black Girls CODE

MAKERS 2016, California - Black Girls CODE (speaks @ 1:55)

NASA Space Apps, New York, 2015 - Data Bootcamp Panel Conversation [video] (speaks @ 13:20)


Wogrammer, 2016 - Olivia Ross Teaches Young Girls How to Code While Making Her Mark in the World of Technology

Github, 2016 - Interview with Olivia Ross, Black Girls CODE alumna and game designer