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Olivia McKayla Ross is a 18 year old video artist and programmer from Queens, New York City. She works with computational video/photography and poetry to probe, evaluate, and indict the politics of the screen, manipulating video and image files programmatically. By choosing to interact with her raw video data primarily through code, rather than grounding her process in a movie editing software, Ross keeps in contact with embodied computation in lived and present time. She hopes to help others model their own practices of exploding conventional dichotomies of “user” vs. programmer and noise vs. signal, while also building a framework for interrogating the faith economies that underlay electronics and communications technologies. How is faith and trust distributed between “users” and programmer? How is faith monopolized, accumulated, recycled, exchanged, embodied, assigned and weaponized between people, systems, ideals and materials? Emboldened by her perspective as a (so-called) “digital native,” she hopes her work will encourage her fellow teens to nurture a critical relationship with technology. Outside of her art, Ross practices her principles in her relationships with others, her hobbies and through teaching. This includes performing tarot card readings for her friends, reading fan fiction, teaching workshops at POWRPLNT, and supporting anti-surveillance movement work in the city when she can.


POWRPLNT, NYC - Interactive Art on the Net

WYFY School by BUFU, NYC - Drafting Cyberfeminism(s) For The People


SXSW 2019, Austin - Behind the Click: Securing the Future for Black Women and Girls in Tech

Tech Inclusion NYC 2017 - Driving an Inclusive Future for Gen Z

CNBC's On The Money - Black Girls CODE

MAKERS 2016, California - Black Girls CODE (speaks @ 1:55)

NASA Space Apps, New York, 2015 - Data Bootcamp Panel Conversation [video] (speaks @ 13:20)


Wogrammer, 2016 - Olivia Ross Teaches Young Girls How to Code While Making Her Mark in the World of Technology

Github, 2016 - Interview with Olivia Ross, Black Girls CODE alumna and game designer