OLIVIA MCKAYLA ROSS 👼🏿🏹 is an 18 year old media 📺💿 artist and programmer from Queens, New York City 🏙. She hopes to help others model 🌐💅🏿 their own practices of exploding💥 conventional dichotomies 🔳🔲 of user vs. programmer and noise🌫 vs. signal⚡️, while also building a framework for interrogating the faith economies that underlay electronics and communications technologies. How is faith and trust 🤥 distributed between users and programmer? How is faith monopolized, accumulated, recycled, exchanged, embodied, assigned and weaponized 💔💔💔 between people, systems, ideals and materials? Emboldened by her perspective as a digital native she hopes her work will encourage her fellow teens to nurture a critical 🤨relationship with technology.

She is a recent alum of the School for Poetic Computation and has taught at Black Girls Code, BUFU and POWRPLNT. Olivia is currently represented by talent development agency Scope of Work. Find her at cyber.doula on Instagram.

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